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The 15 Greatest Beachcomber Albums

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By Chris Manson and Nikki Hedrick


There’s hardly enough time to go back and listen to our favorite homegrown CDs of the last 15 years (and, in some cases, prior to the Beachcomber era), much less keep up with all the new stuff. But we tried. Apologies to all the folks that didn’t make the cut. Please inform us of any and all glaring omissions at


Duke Bardwell, Angel’s Wings (CM, NH)


Alan (Pat) Boone, East Pass Sunset (CM)

The 2005 release epitomizes Yacht Rock before that was even a legit genre.


Dread Clampitt (NH)


Dread Clampitt, Geaux Juice (CM)

This one gets a slight edge from Chris for including Duke Bardwell’s heart-wrenching performance of “Potter’s Moon.”


The Helvetica Effect, Calm Amongst the Chaos (NH)


Hotel Oscar, Burgers and Fries (CM)

The band has had some considerable lineup changes since their first full-length album, but “Huckleberry Holiday” will always have a place in our hearts.


Washboard Jackson’s Greatest Hits (CM)

Should be included in all South Walton/30A visitor packets.


Jones and Company, Summer Days (CM)


Dannica Lowery, Mind Games (CM, NH)


The Owsley Brothers, Cobalt (NH)

It’s loud. It’s different. The album that had everyone talking.


Scars and Stripes, The Cost of Living (NH)

You can’t have a best-of list without honoring Fort Walton Beach’s punk music scene. (Runner-up: Nik Flagstar and His Dirty Mangy Dogs’ Chase Pussy, for the title alone.)


Chris and Gileah Taylor (CM)


The Underdogs, Dog Tales (NH)


Forrest Williams, Gonna Take Love (CM, NH)


Various Artists, 2nd Annual Share the Shelter Music Fest (CM)

Companion to the benefit concert for Shelter House and Alaqua Animal Refuge includes great songs from Kelsey Anna, Forrest Williams, Bryan Kennedy, Chris Alvarado, Heritage, Geoff McBride, Heritage and especially Donnie Sundal (“Let Me Come Home”).

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