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Live Music – Purple and Paisley Benefit

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The Stage Northside, Pensacola


After Prince’s death, a group of area musicians decided to get together to both honor his legacy and make a mark on the Booker T. Washington school’s music program. On Thursday, June 9, the moment of truth arrived for all their hard work, rehearsals and plans to shine.


Playing through a selection of Prince’s singles and then the Purple Rain album in it’s entirety, it was a spirited night that raised over $1,000 to further local music education.


Going under the moniker The Lake Minnetonka Players and totaling eight members, there was a lot of love both on stage and off. The Players learned how to work with each others’ strengths—with soaring guitar solos, multiple vocalists on hand, and even samples at the ready to stay true to the original songs, it was an experience like no other.

Nikki Hedrick



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