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Guitarist-Composer Redd Releases “Dreams to Reality” with World Famous Musicians

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Stuart Redd’s eclectic mix of contemporary jazz, Latin and fusion music is a dream come true for the local artist. Having famous musicians like keyboardist Jeff Lorber, saxophonist Eric Marienthal, drummer Dave Weckl and trumpeter Randy Brecker play on his songs is definitely a dream becoming reality.


Redd wrote his songs with some of these musicians in mind but never realized he would actually get to meet them and have them want to play on his CD, Dreams to Reality. Redd says these songs represent glimpses into his past and are the cumulative effect of the music he heard growing up and touring during his twenties. Some of the songs on the CD are high energy, while another evokes a feeling of sailing on the waves. The title song was conceived while crossing the Mid-Bay Bridge hearing the sound of tires on the pavement. There are also tributes to the Brecker Brothers and Miles Davis.


“I am overwhelmed by the positive response I’ve had to my music,” says Redd. “People share with me which of the songs are their favorites. ‘Crystal Shores’ comes up a lot. That song came about one Sunday evening, about a year or so after my dad passed away after a 17-year-battle with MS. All of a sudden, I got this overwhelming surge of emotion simultaneously combined with a rush of musical ideas. The emotion part was related to my dad. I felt he was there, letting me know he was okay where he was. The music I was hearing was a gift, and I felt it showed me a glimpse of what it was like there.”


The title song is being played on Seabreeze Radio 106.3 FM. That song and others from the album are being played on JazzNet24/7 Radio Europe and in Spain. Jason and Cliff Gorov of Gorov Music Marketing in Las Vegas have contacted Redd to promote his CD. The Gorovs have promoted such artists as the Rippingtons, Chris Botti, Richard Elliot, Boney James, Dave Koz and Peter White.


Dreams to Reality also features keyboardist Jay Oliver, percussionist Ramon Yslas, bassist Kim Stone (formerly of the Rippingtons), saxophonist Gary Meek, bassist Tom Kennedy and bassist Ric Fierrabracci (who played with Chick Corea).


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