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And Speaking of Anniversaries…

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Beachcomber Music Awards Hall of Famer Donnie Sundal and wife Jennifer at May’s Franko Fest fundraiser at Trebeache in Santa Rosa Beach.
Photo by Chris Manson.

Some of the more observant Beachcomber readers may notice a running theme throughout this issue, namely the upcoming first-year anniversary of LuLu’s in Destin. They have a huge event Saturday, June 11, with great live music, a book signing with Lucy Buffett herself, and tons of fun for all ages.


We love the folks at LuLu’s. Since they opened their second location south of the Mid-Bay Bridge, it’s been nothing but good times. And they’ve been great partners to our publication, helping to make your favorite FREE arts and entertainment tabloid (and my huge salary as Beachcomber Editor) possible.


So drop in June 11, as well as before and after, and be sure and pay a visit to all the other great Beachcomberland places.


Another milestone of great import is happening in August, The Beachcomber’s 15th Anniversary. Hard to believe it’s been a decade-and-a-half, as we’re still very much in love with ourselves and we still find all of those cute habits cute and not annoying. And we never go to bed mad at ourselves.


Here are a few things you can do to commemorate this once-in-a-lifetime occasion while we scramble to stage a #Beachcomber15 to-do complete with food, booze, music, art and fire eaters…


– Spend at least 15 bucks on some of the great new albums coming out from our favorite area musicians. These include Astral Lite’s Mesmerist’s Mainline, available now at Bandcamp; Gileah Taylor’s Songs for Late at Night, which drops June 10 on CD, vinyl and cassette; Bri Wehner’s Nothing but Sunshine, featuring all-original tunes by the Beachcomber Music Awards Best Solo Artist nominee and some cat named John on drums (see page 15); and Bill Garrett’s Feast and Famine, due out sometime soon I hope.


– Find at least 15 events to attend in the next two weeks (see Beachcomberland Events, Art Events, Live Music Calendar) and tell whomever you saw it in The Beachcomber.


– “Like” our last 15 posts on Facebook and Twitter and share them with 15 of your closest social media friends.


– Find 15 articles you like on our website,, and leave a brief love note—er, comment.


– Repost our last 15 Instagram pics and tag #beachcomberdestin in your best 15. Cute puppies/kitties and sexy people in skimpy beachwear preferred.


– Send us your ideas for “15 Best (Whatevers) in Beachcomberland” for our mammoth anniversary issue, out Aug. 11-24. Email, and I will promptly answer or accidentally delete your message. Also, provide a list of 15 potential new advertisers for this edition, as I suspect I’ll be due for a salary increase.


Thanks always, Beachcomber readers.

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