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15 Questions

15 Questions with Gileah Taylor

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Continuing our tie-in with The Beachcomber’s 15th anniversary in August. This issue, the spotlight shines on musician and songwriter Gileah Taylor, whose superb new album Songs for Late at Night Vol. 2 drops June 10. Discover more at


 1. Where do you currently call home?

Miramar Beach.


2. How long have you been writing and recording music?

A good many years. I started writing and recording when I was a kid. My dad is a musician and he obviously helped quite a bit back then.


3. What inspires your music?

I love to read, and plenty of material comes from my favorite authors. On this record I was greatly inspired by George MacDonald. He was a Scottish preacher who wrote fairy tales, fantasies and novels in the late 1800s. In the last few years I’ve written a couple of songs based on characters from TV shows. I wrote “It’s An Art” off of the new album about Peter and Olivia from the show Fringe. And, of course, I write about my life, too.


4. Do you have a day job, or is it all music all the time?

My husband is lovely and lets me hang out at home with the kids. We have a few of them. My kids are lovely and let me play music in the living room on a daily basis.


5. Tell us about your new album, Songs for Late at Night Vol. 2.

It’s the sequel to my first album ever, Songs for Late at Night (SFLAN), released in Y2K. The original SFLAN has a song called “Alec” (based on one of George’s characters), and I decided to start the new album with that song. Producer Jeremy Griffith (of Printups Studio in Fort Walton Beach) took that song and made it this beautifully tense piece—it just builds and builds, and in the last breath of the song, it reaches out and pulls you in to the record. Now you’re in Songs-for-Late-at-Night-Land. Jeremy was really loving the Interstellar soundtrack when we first started recording, so the sound of the record is my brand of dream-pop set in an outer space landscape.


6. Do you write music every day? 

If I’m not writing, then I’m practicing. If I’m not practicing, then I’m reading and staying on the lookout for the perfect first line.


7. Songs for Late at Night Vol. 2 is a shoo-in for the Beachcomber Music Awards Album of the Year shortlist. Are there any particular tracks that we should consider for Best Original Song?

Awww, that would be cool! “It’s An Art,” “John Of The Four Track Heart,” “Tears Of A Spirit.” One of those?


8. You’re releasing the album on vinyl, like you did Chris & Gileah, but I hear you’re doing a cassette version, too.

Yes! It’s so fun. I just wish I had my old Nissan Sentra hatchback so I could put it in the tape deck and drive old 98 with the windows down.


9. What was the last album you listened to that you really loved?  

Let’s see… I just started working with Velvet Blue Music (a southern Cali label) and I ordered a few vinyl from their anniversary sale. One of the records I got is called O Ye Devastator by Doug Burr. From the first note you’re like, Yep, I needed this.


10. Who are some of the musicmakers that inspired you?

Always the following—the innocence mission, Jeremy Enigk, Sam Phillips and my dad.


11. What are some of your favorite Beachcomberland places to eat, drink, shop? 

Just visited LuLu’s! That was fun. I love to get gifts at Artful Things in Niceville. They have an amazing selection of handmade items and lots of lovely art, too.


12. Do you have any album release events coming up?

June 3 at Central Square Records in Seaside. June 17 at Amavida in Rosemary Beach. More at


13. Do you have any advice for aspiring musicians? 

Live. Love. Read. Think. Write. Sing. Play. Repeat.


14. Would you consider performing at the 2017 Beachcomber Music Awards?



15. The Beachcomber’s 15th anniversary is coming up in August. How are you planning to celebrate this momentous occasion? 

I’ll take 15 sips of a nice pinot, and sing these 15 words –


Oh, Beachcomber, your splendid, printed pages

Inspire and enlighten us-

A paper for the ages!

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