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Scoring Big Fun in Holiday Traffic

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By Joni Williams


“Wherever you go, there you are” takes on new meaning when you’re stuck in traffic. This is especially true when you get locked down along 98 with no alternative road to detour your way to a sanity-saving speed. This Memorial Day weekend, instead of just sitting there waiting for the lanes to start crawling along again, pull over and go have some fun. A three-day weekend is too precious a thing to waste stuck in traffic.


You know those little (and not-so-little) strip malls you see on the side of the road? You wouldn’t believe some of the bargains and adventures that await you inside the doors of their shops, cafes and, yes, bars. And we just discovered a doozie of a dive in the middle of middle, so to speak. Or as it’s better known, Midway, because it’s halfway between Navarre and the “City of Gulf Breeze Proper” as the locals like to say.


After driving by the grassy-green neon light a zillion times, we finally checked out the Third Base Pub & Eatery officially at 4580 Gulf Breeze Parkway, Gulf Breeze, 32563 (if you’re GPSing, be sure to get that zip code correct or you’ll wind up down by the Three Mile Bridge). We’re sorry it took so long. This place is definitely the antidote for road stress with its fun, un-snobby attitude, daily food and bar specials and one of the longest happy hours we’ve ever seen at this time of year, beginning at noon every day and ending at 6 p.m.  Besides bargain well drinks and $3.50 wine specials, beers go for a measly $1.75 and $2.25.


Despite being kinda sorta out in the country in a county, this place has a  lot of beer to choose from—bottles, drafts, micro and macro brews. The selection list is too long to mention in full but includes faves like Fat Tire, Yuengling, Red Stripe, Amber Bock, Dos Equis and Angry Orchard, as well as the standard AB, Mich and PBR offerings. They also have shots, top shelf liquors and wine, all reasonably priced.


Since we just encouraged you to come in off the road, let’s take a second to tell you how to ensure you have a designated driver if need be. We’re not sure you can Uber out of Midway just yet, but we are sure you can’t talk your way out of a DUI with beer or any other kind of libations on your breath. Just ask that attorney who was popped over Mother’s Day weekend.


Here’s how to get someone in your crew to be your DD. For starters, hand them the food menu and tell them they can order whatever they want.


The Third Base is a great place to do this because not only is their food menu loaded with tasty eats, they run food specials just about everyday. Our fave? Crawfish Sundays. But there are also dollar egg rolls on Mondays, Taco Tuesdays and 55-Cent Wing Wednesdays. And don’t even get us started on the weekend specials. Plus the menu has all kinds of apps, brats and sandwiches with daily prices all south of 10 bucks and the grandest meal well under 20. We’ve spent more and gotten less at our beloved Whataburger.


And if your loud ranting about work being done on the busiest roads in the middle of the busiest tourist season isn’t entertaining enough for your DD, no worries. The Third Base not only has beaucoup TVs but two brand new pool tables with games priced at a buck apiece. That thing you thought couldn’t buy anything at this time of year will buy you and your DD some fun, no ranting required.


They also have karaoke nights, live bands and other entertainment going on in the evening. And did we mention the super friendly staff? If it sounds like we’re gushing, we are. We really liked this place and the people in it. We think it’s totally worth the trip from anywhere to check it out, traffic jam or not.  It might be called the Third Base, but it’s definitely a home run in our book.

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