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Record Roundup

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Bad Company

Live 1977/1979

Rhino Atlantic

Two first-rate sets, highlighted by a kick-ass take on “Hey Joe.” Only a couple repeats between the pair of shows, but what reasonable person could ever tire of “Shooting Star”?

– Chris Manson

Joseph Bertolozzi

Tower Music

Innova Recordings

What’s the world’s biggest musical instrument? I don’t know either, but I bet the Eiffel Tower is near the top of the list. Bertolozzi petitioned the French government to let him create an album of percussive music using various parts of the iconic structure. What saves it from being just another exercise in artistic preciousness is that Bertolozzi, having done something similar with New York’s Mid-Hudson Bridge, approaches his task with such discipline and musicianship that you can’t help respecting his results. Some of it is funny (“The Elephant on the Tower”), some catchy (“Glass Floor Rhythms”). Engaging stuff.

– Bruce Collier

Egyptian Lover


Stones Throw

Because (1) you’ll never hear any of these on the radio during ‘80s Weekend, and (2) sometimes you need a freak.

– Chris Manson

Keb’ Mo’

Live – That Hot Pink Blues Album

Kind of Blue Music

Keb’ Mo’ in a traveling mood. The 16-track recording features live performances culled from concerts in nine cities, part of a 2015 tour. The result is a sampler not only of a master blues guitarist and entertainer, but of his frequent interaction with audiences on tour as well. The 16 tracks reaffirm Keb’ Mo’s essentially positive and good-humored take on blues. Even when he complains (“I Like the Old Me Better,” “The Worst is Yet to Come”) he refuses to cross over into self-pity, and his guitar can weep and laugh simultaneously. Highlight: “City Boy.”

– Bruce Collier

Bridget Kelly Band

Outta the Blues

Alpha Sun Records

Blues music is alive and well—you just have to know where to look. The band is all about electrified guitar blues, with the lovely Kelly soulfully crooning along the way. It isn’t just one flavor of blues, but a nice blend of all the genre’s niches by one talented group—modern blues firmly rooted in honoring everything that makes this music something to be felt at gut level.

– Nikki Hedrick

Love the Hate



Hailing from Mobile, these melodic hard rockers are poised to make a splash on the Gulf Coast scene. With anthemic choruses and similarities to the ever-popular Chevelle, Love the Hate comes out of the gates as a fully formed force. But the acoustic tune “Addict” best expresses their maturity as songwriters.

– Nikki Hedrick

Ginger Meadows / Tracy Chow

It’s a Flat World After All

Komplex Studio

Two artists with Tallahassee roots come together to craft experimental electronic music. Worlds away from what you’d find blasting from a club’s sound system, this is aimed at the evocative, ambient nature of shoegaze and post-rock. The tracks are organized in a way that with only a few words present, you’re able to embark upon a somber musical adventure.

– Nikki Hedrick

Moreland & Arbuckle

Promised Land or Bust

Alligator Records

Do you have a hard-to-fill hankering for southern fried rock that isn’t afraid to embrace the spirit of the blues? Moreland & Arbuckle dive into roots music—whether it’s Crescent City, Delta lowdown or Music City, they have it in spades. It’s an excellent example of connecting past and present—and raw and polished—to build an album that doesn’t have a single weak spot.

– Nikki Hedrick

The Rough Guide to the Best World Music You’ve Never Heard

World Music Network

I have no idea if this really is the cream of world music—or where they originated from, thanks to the Streaming Age—but I love all 13 tracks. Worth a listen for anyone who’s even a little adventurous.

– Chris Manson

Southern Family

New Elektra

With Isbell, Stapleton, Miranda, Brandy Clark, Jamey Johnson and Shooter Jennings on board, I’d expect nothing short of greatness, and everyone delivers on this superb collection of traditional-yet-modern Southern music. Even Zac Brown.

– Chris Manson
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