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From the Beachcomber Archives – June 1-14, 2006

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ART: Carol Dickson’s “Beach Birds” appeared on our cover. She was also featured last month, and hopefully it won’t be another decade before Carol does another Beachcomber cover.


MUSIC: Chris Manson profiled singer-guitarist Justin Fobes, who said he “wanted to be Bill Frisell” when he grew up. Fobes has since departed Beachcomberland, and we hope he’s making lots of money playing music wherever he ended up. Also–a review of Nik Flagstar’s Johnny Cash tribute show in Downtown Fort Walton Beach. Looks like Nik’s a shoo-in for the Hall of Fame nominating ballot at the 2017 Beachcomber Music Awards!


DINING: Bruce Collier, pre-Tiny Diner, had high praise for Santa Rosa Beach’s “Cafe Thrity-A” (oops!), finding the food “pretty much beyond reproach.”


PLACES: Bruce somehow managed to visit most of the major parks in Okaloosa and Walton counties.


MOVIES: Chris, in his review of Ron Howard’s The DaVinci Code, wrote: “This movie has destroyed my faith…in Tom Hanks’ ability to be funny.” Elsewhere, the Academy Award-winning actor was described as looking “puffy and bored.”


ETC.: This particular issue weighed in at a whopping 48 pages, much of it real estate ads. Come “home,” Beachcomberland realtors! We miss you…

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