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Linwood Barclay

Far From True: A Promise Falls Novel

Penguin Group

Barclay’s latest masterpiece is heavily populated—there are at least a dozen characters—but easy to follow, since all of the story threads are equally compelling. The next installment is due this fall, and you might want to wait and read this one then so you can jump right into the follow-up.

Harlan Coben

Fool Me Once

Penguin Group

Coben nails it again, and in former special ops pilot Maya, he’s found one of his most intriguing protagonists in years. Formulaic to be sure, but the formula still works brilliantly.

Rebecca Wallwork

New Kids on the Block’s Hangin’ Tough (33 1/3 Series)


Thirty years after the fact, I still haven’t listened to the album in full, but Wallwork’s approach—part fan-girl appreciation, part checkout-line psychology—makes for a fascinating read. Happily, NKOTB and promoter-producer Maurice “The General” Starr are still at it, though they’ve long since parted ways.

– Chris Manson
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