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A Message to Spring Breakers from the Sheriff of Beachcomberland

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Beachcomber Editor Chris Manson and Cheech at the Beach pal around at the Beachcomber Music Awards at AJ’s in Destin. You’ve seen Cheech on our cover and in just about every one of our Instagram features.

Dear College Student,


We hope your 2016 spring semester is off to an amazing (or whatever word you kids are using in place of “amazing” these days—awesome? Badassical? Badonkadonk?) start.


As we get into the month of March, the Beachcomberland Sheriff’s Office wishes to pass along some important information regarding Spring Break.


For many years, we’ve had the opportunity to interact, hang out with and talk about college students from all over this great country behind their backs while they visited our lovely area.


This year, we want to threaten—er, encourage—all of you visiting Destin, 30A, Fort Walton Beach, Navarre, etc. to have a good time but to do so responsibly. I know. Sounds boring. But keep in mind, any alcohol found in the possession of persons under the age of 21 will be confiscated and disposed of in a non‑wasteful manner by me, the publisher of The Beachcomber, and contributing editor Bruce Collier.


Also, any of you young ladies thinking about posting nudie or semi‑nudie photos of yourselves on our beaches had best think twice. But if you insist, please tag #beachcomberdestin on Instagram.


We’re trying to make Spring Break a little more family‑friendly, too. But that doesn’t mean we want all those empty beer cans that used to litter the beaches replaced with empty juice boxes.


If you break the law, bear in mind that our jails are nowhere near the beaches, and you’ll have a crappy view as you’re being charged, transported, booked and belittled by our slow‑as‑hell‑working staff. There’s no live music unless you bring a harmonica. Which will be confiscated, sanitized and given to Beachcomber Music Award winner Allen Rayfield.


And if you dress funny, we will laugh at you.


We want you to have fun while you’re here. And we want you to spend lots of your parents’ money. If that’s your intention while visiting the Emerald Coast, you won’t be seeing a lot of us unless you’re really, really attractive.


But if you’re coming down here to cause trouble for all the well‑behaved folks—for example, shouting out requests for “Wagon Wheel” while Austin Jennings is performing at one of our local venues—we will bury you under the jail.





Rick Danuser, who took that amazing photo of musicians Tim Morinelli and Binky Buckwalter that appears on this issue’s cover, is an Air Force veteran and self‑described “amateur photographer.”


“I have a passion for photography and take every opportunity to work with both established and up‑and‑coming talents throughout the Emerald Coast,” says Danuser. “As a freelancer, I look forward every day to utilizing my experience in various photographic mediums while simultaneously mastering my hobby on challenging projects in both video and still photography.


“Every shot is a memory made. I love what I do. Ain’t life great?”



The awards show, music and atmosphere (The Beachcomber Music Awards, held Feb. 29 at AJ’s in Destin) were awesome as always, and we were honored to be nominated in one of the categories (Best Reggae Artist). There was no difficulty in accepting the award on behalf of the winning band (Heritage) because they were working and couldn’t attend. They are an awesome band and good friends of ours.


For me personally, it was getting a rare night just to listen and reconnect with the local music scene from the audience perspective again. We play upward of 150 shows a year, and it’s a blessing to have the problem of rarely getting to hear friends and fellow musicians play their original music live. Also, reconnecting with fellow musicians and friends from all over the Panhandle that I hadn’t seen in quite some time.

Roc Mann of Tribe Zion


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