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Juan Francisco Adaro’s Favorite Beachcomberland Musicians

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We asked artist Juan Francisco Adaro to come up with a design for this year’s Beachcomber Music Awards cover, and he did not disappoint us. In fact, he came up with two great illustrations—the one on the front page, and the one you see here.


Adaro and Brooke Gontarek, his partner in art/life/etc. were more than happy to share some of their favorite local musicmakers with us.


Continuum. “They are really creative with their music and instruments.”


Kyle LaMonica and Ben Friedman. “They have a great chill vibe that matches the area well.”


Chris Alvarado. “He has such a great voice, and we love how he builds his own guitars.”


Season Ammons “has great energy.”


Geoff McBride and Joey Shaling “have a powerful presence when they play together.”


Heritage “is fantastic,” says Brooke. “They played at my sister’s wedding, and Francisco danced so much they clapped for him. It was hilarious.”


Discover more at Look for Francisco and Brooke at the Beachcomber Music Awards Monday, Feb. 29, at AJ’s in Destin.

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